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  1. Chris Henley

    Love your stuff. Not sure if it’s me you were referring to but i asked the panel at the Birmingham event about their absurd figures and this fraudulent claim that legal aid expenditure has ‘risen dramatically’ over the past decade (para 2.1). How is it possible that they didn’t bother to check. Te budget has fallen from above 2bn to where it is now which is well below. The projection for 2013/14 ( the current year ) is £1.828bn. The spend was £2.414 in 2004/5

    In relation to Crim legal aid it’s actually more ‘dramatic’ than you have described. In 2011/12 crim spend was £1.139bn the current projection is as you say £941 m which is a fall of £198m. So just another £22m to go. It was clear that the MoJ panel was completely clueless. The most senior bid did not know that the figures include VAT!!! Junior guy had to help him out on that one. And presumably Grayling assumes the info advice he’s given is accurate when it’s er….not.

    I could send you more examples of nonsense in the consultation paper but you get the point

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