Eighteenth letter to the Lord Chancellor

Eighteenth letter to the Lord Chancellor,

Lord Chancellor, Secretary of State for Justice,

Mr Chris Grayling MP,

30th July 2014.

Dear Lord Chancellor,

There has been a revolution in the workplace up and down this country. The behaviour of bosses has dramatically improved and this has been achieved by a simple adjustment to policy made by you in July 2013. Figures just released compare employment tribunal claims made between January and March 2014 with the same period in 2013.

• Sex discrimination claims have reduced by 80%
• Race discrimination claims have reduced by 60%.
• Claims based on sexual orientation have reduced by over 60%.
• Disability claims have reduced by 46%.
• Claims for non-payment of the minimum wage have reduced by 70%
• Claims for unpaid wages and holiday pay have reduced by 85%
• Women pursuing pregnancy discrimination claims are down by more than a quarter.

As you can see far fewer workers are now claiming that they have been discriminated against. It is marvellous news that employers in England and Wales are now not discriminating against workers on the grounds of gender, race, sexual orientation and disability nearly as much as they used to. You deserve many congratulations for your role in this dramatic transformation in workplace behaviour throughout our country. How did you do it? In July 2013 you made this devastatingly simple adjustment to government policy: you increased the fee to start an employment tribunal claim for sex or race discrimination to £1,200. Overnight the behaviour of bosses improved in the way the statistics prove.

Yours, working nine to five,

the intrigant

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