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Tenth Letter to the Lord Chancellor

Tenth letter to the Lord Chancellor, Secretary of State for Justice,

Mr Chris Grayling,

22nd January 2014

Dear Lord Chancellor,

Following our emergency summit meeting in the Pontefract bunker before Christmas, can I take stock of the strategy we then decided?
1. Get rid of Lord McNally and replace him with anyone, simply anyone. Was Simon Hughes MP the best Nick Clegg could come up with? At least his first public pronouncement, asking Magistrates to double as defence lawyers to save costs, is the sort of madness that is in keeping with the MOJs hitherto direction of travel.
2. Publishing on the first working day of the New Year the earnings of all the leaders of circuits, in the Daily Mail. I see that Gregory Bull QC, former leader of the Wales and Chester Circuit, was named and shamed as earning £102,792 last year; well that’s the last we’ll hear of him, I hope. LOSER. Continue reading



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